Posted by: cyncas | November 30, 2009

Show and tell 30/11

Another well done to the Jnr 1c for a great show and tell today.  We kicked off our Show and Tell with a recital on the violin by ‘maesta Fran’, then set off to see and listen to our friends telling us how they did they masterpieces.  Most children did their pieces using objects which they recycled and transformed into other items.  We had a doll made out of toilet roll and left over fabric and wool, a clown out of paper cup and kite paper, a remote control car made out of boxes and bottle caps, a picture frame made out of card and paper, an airoplane made out of rolled paper, a fishing game – paper, paper clips, magnets and twigs were used.  A picture frame with lots of different faces, a decorated box which was a package for a jacket, a dressup barbie……..  Just have a look at the pictures and it explains it all.  Keep up the good work Jnr1C and keep recycling or reusing things that you think are ready to be trashed.  Well done 🙂


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