Posted by: cyncas | November 29, 2009


On Friday 27th, the Jnr 1C brought a cuddly buddy to class with them.  It was a special day to bring a favourite cuddly toy.  The children and buddies were all excited and excitement ws high in the air.  First everyone introduced their buddy and we found out that most buddies either pester the mums or sleep or go and hide during the day when their friend is at school.  We then set off with our work and the buddies were allowed to sit next to their friends to learn as well.  Some buddies had their own chair while some preferred to sit on the table looking down at the children’s work 🙂  For second break we all had a picnic.  There were 4 areas to picnic on and looking at the photos one can see how happy the children were to share part of their lunch with their Buddies.  We ended the day with the buddies watching us practice a new dance for the Christmas concert.  It was a pleasant day for all.:-)  Have a look at the photo and children give me your feedback on this.


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