Posted by: cyncas | November 25, 2009

Jnr 1C – musical instruments

Another FUN activity carried out by the Jnr 1C with the help of parent volunteers, was making instruments.   Each group had a different instrument to make from shakers to sound like hammers, to tambourines.  It was a FUN activity for all.  The children were very proud of their finished result and couldn’t wait to use their instruments.  Well done Jnr 1C and thank you to all parents who participated. 🙂



  1. Ms. Cynthia, thanks a lot for giving us parents the opportunity to participate in our children’s activity from time to time. It was a very nice experience working with the kids and watching them in action – moving around the class from one ‘work station’ to the other, messing about with paints and having fun creating their own instruments. And above all a big thanks for your dedication!

  2. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    Once again I would really like to thank you for the great opportunity you have given us parents to join in yesterday’s activity. Everything was extremely well organized and the children aswell as us parents really enjoyed every moment. A big well done goes to you, for a fantastic idea and organisation and another one to the children who paid great attention to your instructions! Days like yesterday help us understand why our children enjoy coming to school. Thank you.

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