Posted by: cyncas | November 23, 2009

Jnr 1C – Show and Tell 23/11

Today’s Show and Tell was the first one to open up our new topic of Having Fun.  I am sure the children and ‘their helpers’ had FUN creating for today’s Show and Tell.  We had a variey of items.  From a motor bike made out of a mecchano set, to a bell decorated with sequins, a home made fairy, a garden during the night and the day, decorated pictures of little Misses, some underthe sea creatures turned into kites made out of recycling items, a home made ball game and an experiment with magnets.  Well done to you all 🙂

Have a look at how proud the children look presenting their work.  To make it more FUN, we were dressed in dressing up clothes.



  1. Hi Ms Cynthia Thanks alot for everything, Filippa looks really forward to come to school everyday especially Mondays when there’s show and tell:)….what is the topic for next monday?

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