Posted by: cyncas | November 15, 2009

San Martin activity

This weekend as you very well know is San Martin’s feast.  We celebrated this Maltese tradition in Junior 1 as well.  In Junior 1C, we first listened to the story of how San Martin, on a very cold night, while on patrol came across a poor man, who had no clothes or food.  San Martin, gave the man some of his food and shared his cloak with him.  The children were told about the tradition that in the old days, in Malta, grandparents used to prepare a sack made out of cloth, fill it up with Autumn food (such as apple, orange and nuts) and then give it to their grandchildren.  To keep to this tradition, the children also filled their own bags with Autumn food.  At the end of which, the children were asked to swop their bag with another child’s.  The emotion at first was of:  ‘but I filled it up to the top!!!!’ but once the passing over started, the emotion on the children’s faces was answer enough of what it feels like to give from the heart.  They were all laughing and telling each other that their bag was filled up more than their own – as they had filled it up thinking it was for themselves!!!  Then one of the children said: ‘Now we are like San Martin!!  He shared and we are sharing.’ 

Have a look at the photos and see all the FUN.


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