Posted by: cyncas | November 8, 2009

Resume of first topic – GROWING

As you well know we have come to the conclusion of our first topic – GROWING.  Below please find a resume of all that we discussed with regards to this topic as well as what was covered during core work.  Hope it is of help so that you can continue with consolidation and reinforcement at home.

Topic subjects: This is me, My pets, My body, My senses, My family, Growth of a plant.

Science: Who am I?, The face, Body parts, Looking after our World, Living/non living, Which sense?, Hygiene, Parts of a plant, What helps plants to grow.

Religion: The creation, Sign of the cross, Adam and Eve, St Francis of Assisi, God made me Special, Cube of love, David, Hail Mary, Morning prayer, Lunch prayer, All souls and all saints, Moses in the Rushes.

Malti: Il-kuluri – ahmar = red, ahdar = green, isfar = yellow, iswed = black, orangjo = orange, blu = blue, vjola = violet, roza = pink, kannella = brown, griz = grey.

  • Il-Gisem – ghajn = eye, widna = ear, wicc = face, xaghar = hair, halq = mouth, imnieher = nose, id = hand, idejn = hands, sieq = foot, saqajn = feet, geddum = chin.
  • Il-familja – missier = daddy, omm = mother, tifel = boy, tifla =girl, hija = brother, ohti = sister, ahwa = siblings, tarbija = baby, nanna = grandma, nannu = grandpa, zija = aunty, ziju = uncle, kugin = cousin (boy), kugina = cousin (girl), kugini = cousins.
  • L-alfabett: i, l, o (look for their vocabulary and their stories on the Maltese section on this blog).  Tepp and Tipa help the children on their Stilel book to learn the alfabett in Maltese.

English:  letters : s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, h, r, m,d,g,o,u  (each letter has a story and a song – will post these later on)

  •  letter blends to start reading 3 and 4 letter words,
  •  regular words studied: sat, sit, pin, ant, tap, cat, rat, hen, ten, kid, dog, dig, mud, hand, sand, big, us, bus, must, frog.
  •  tricky words studied: I, the, he, she
  •  sound segmentation: how many letters in ….. ex. big = 3 b,i,g
  •  initial, medial and final sounds in words
  • reading simple text which incorporates words above, also start Red Jolly phonics Book 1 – MUD.

Maths: Number recognition 1 -30

  •  Number ordering 1 – 30 (in sequence)
  • Number ordering 1 – 30 (random)
  • Number before, number after
  • Number in between
  • Addition with props, with pictures and with number line.
  • Subtraction with props, with pictures and with number line.

Although we have finished from this topic of GROWING, we hope that you continue to expand and interest the children with other interesting activities.  Such activities could be a trip to Buskett where they can see the change in the trees and plants -now that Autumn is in full swing, collection of leaves – seeing the different colours of Autumn, doing some planting of your own at home or maybe join the 34u (tree for you) and plant a tree in one of Malta’s future ‘forests’, a visit to Ghar Dalam would be of interest – the children can see lots of skeletons of animals past.  A visit to a baker when s/he is working with the ‘growing’ dough and making bread.

If you have other ideas or do other inventing activities which link with Growing leave a comment on this blog.

Thank you and hope this was of interest.




  1. Ms. Cynthia

    A big thanks for such a comprehensive and in-depth resume. Very informative about what is tackled in class. And through the various activities that the children have in class, they are surely learning more in a fun way. And the new topic for the coming weeks will definitely be FUN 🙂

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