Posted by: cyncas | November 8, 2009

New Topic – HAVING FUN

Here it is – the explanation of the new topic.

As of Monday we will be starting discussions on our new topic which links perfectly to Christmas at the end of it.

HAVING FUN is our umbrella topic.  Under it you will find 5 sub topics.  Favourite toys (old vs new toys),  Toy Museum (recycling materials),  Materials for toys (natural/manmade also includes recycling), Games I like to play (includes magnets), Christmas colours, Christmas celebrations.

We will definately have FUN, thinking about the topics above and mostly creating New Toys and looking at Old toys as well.  If anybody has any interesting toys – maybe something YOU used to play with when you where a child, and would like to share the experience with us, we would be very glad to welcome you.  As we will be tackling recycling materials and attempting to make some new toys using these, please send to class any items which might be interesting and you are ready to throw away.  Thank you.


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