Posted by: cyncas | November 8, 2009

Info re Show and Tell

Some parents have approached me as they are still puzzled about what to prepare for Show and Tell or as to which topic they need to prepare.

In my class Jnr 1C, I encourage the children to prepare things which link with the topic discussed that week.  As our Show and Tell is on a Monday that would mean creating something with the subtopic discussed the previous week – or even other things that deal with the main topic.  Example: last week we tackled plant life therefore Show and Tell of this week would be Plant life or anything to do with Growing.  Next Monday it would be something to do with the new topic – Having Fun or My Favourite toys (the week’s sub topic).  As long as it is something the children created, I am happy for them to Show and tell about it.  We are seeing some fantastic creations.  Well done to all:-)

As for the other Junior 1 classes – Jnr 1B have Show and Tell on Tuesday.  If the children feel they can create something on the Monday with the new topic they’re more than welcome or else they stick to what was discussed the previous week or the main topic.

Jnr 1A have Show and tell on the Friday, so the children have plenty of time to make something with the topic discussed during that week. 

If still unclear please discuss with the teachers concerned.  Thank you.


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