Posted by: cyncas | November 8, 2009

Experimenting with plants in Jnr 1C

This week we ended our Growing with some experiments with plants.  We had potatoes, carrot tops, an onion and tomato seeds.  We had a new and an old potato – we looked at the differences and then planted both in a lot of soil.  The carrot tops were planted in two different surfaces – one lot on soil and the other lot in water.  The onion was placed in a container with the roots just touching water.  And the tomatoes we squashed, looked at the seeds and planted them in soil.  We then discussed what a plant needs to be able to grow.  It was decided plants need : water, light and some heat.  After watering our plants, we placed our containers on the window sill and will be looking at the changes from time to time.  It was a most enjoyable experience for all and the children found lots of similarities and differences between the different items on experiment.  Have a look at the photos now and later on will post photos of what happened to our Plant Experiment.


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