Posted by: cyncas | November 7, 2009

Maltese – Ktieb tal-ittri

In the “Ktieb ta’ l-ittri”:
1)    The children stick the letters – one page per letter.
2)    Ask them if they can remember any words (vocabulary) that they did in class. We have put the vocabulary list to help you remind the child what was done during the lesson.
3)    Find 4 pictures that start with the particular letter. The children can also draw and colour if they do not find a picture.
4)    Please leave some space between each picture/ drawing.
5)    Encourage the child’s creativity and let the child cut the picture and stick it on the “Ktieb ta’ l-ittri”.
6)    Finally, please remember, this is their own dictionary, so it needs to be special for them and they should be proud of it. 🙂



  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    I would like to compliment you about the method adopted to teach Maltese to our children. I was very impressed with the amount of vocabulary Fran came out with when we were looking for pictures for her Ktieb tal-ittri. With great enthusiasm she took our her Children’s Maltese Dictionary and I realized that she was trying, with success, to read most of the words. Hearing her whispering the letters and then shouting the word aloud made me understand that she is getting a very good explanation of the sound of the Maltese alphabet at school. If I am understanding correctly you are using a very similar method to the Jolly Phonics used for English. Fran is learing Maltese with enthusiasm only because she is not made to write whole pages of the same letter as used to happen in our school days. I fully agree that interactive learning is a very positive way to introduce our children to an interesting way to pursue their studies in the future. I agree that studying should be interesting and not boring, not something that must be done, but something to look forward to doing. Another thing that I would like to add is that Fran is distinguishing the two languages clearly and understands that she is learning two different alphabets. Keep up the excellent work!

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