Posted by: cyncas | November 4, 2009

Reading in the Junior 1

The time has arrived when the children start to want to experiment reading.  We give them that opportunity. 

As of this week, each child will choose a ‘library’ book to read at leisure.  The children can choose any book they want for the time being – to introduce them to the world of books.  The parent sits with the child and reads from the book.  If you encounter any words that we have tackled in class, you could ask your child to read it for you or else make it into a game and encourage your child to pick up the words that s/he knows.  This book needs to be exchanged once a week.  Library day in Junior 1 is every Wednesday.  You may comment on the reading card by posting a smiley (book well liked), a frowny (not liked or difficult etc) or a non expression (so so).  If you feel you need to write a further comment, please do so but keep it short.  We would like those cards filled with names of books.  Before starting a story, comment on the author and the illustrator.  The children will soon pick up on the most favourites or the ones to their liking.

We will also be starting to tackle the Jolly Phonics Readers – the red pack.  During the week we will explore it in class and read together as a group.  Over the weekend then you will get the book home, so you can read it together.  Please send it back unless told, you could keep it at home.

Happy reading and remember….. if you never show your children that you read they will never embark on reading…. 🙂


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