Posted by: cyncas | November 4, 2009

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A Great Day at Flower Power!!! 

On Thursday 29th October the Junior 1’s were taken on their first school outing to Flower Power. The children were all very excited and as soon as we arrived we were taken to the Pet Shop. They were able to see different animals, like; dogs, birds, rabbits and different kind of fish.

From there, we moved on to the play area, where the children let loose and had fun playing together. After some time we visited the wonderful gardens and they were given a lot of information regarding the different types of trees and plants.

It was then time for some lunch. Children gathered around tables and ate lunch together.

It was now the children’s turn to plant some seeds themselves. With the help of our friend James, the children carefully planted little seeds into tiny pots. It was so much fun to see such smiley faces enjoying every minute of it.

Sadly it was time to go back to school but it was a lovely experience for both us teachers and the kids.

Hip Hip… Hooray!!!



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