Posted by: cyncas | October 27, 2009

Having fun with words

Today in Jnr 1C instead of as normal, writing the words for dictation we used a different method.  The children each had a letter card and after I called out a word the children holding the letter sounds that made up those words had to stand in the front facing their friends.  This way we could sound, build as well as read a word.  They were so enthusiastic that not only did we do the words we are studying for this week, but also last week’s words as well as the new words coming up.  Have a look at the photos.  You can sometimes use the same idea at home……  Well done Jnr1C 🙂



  1. I did something similar with my second graders, but I had them spell out words with their bodies. Each group had a secret word, and every child shaped his or her body into a letter to spell out the word for the rest of the class. The other kids guessed the word. It worked really well.

    – eric

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