Posted by: cyncas | October 23, 2009

Jnr1C – Senses wow factor… continued

Later today, during Golden Time, the Jnr1C had two surprises waiting for them, both linking with Senses.

The first activity was working with some ‘Magic beads’.  In the beginning these beads were small and hard, but then we put water on them and by ‘drinking’ the water, the beads became bigger and softer.  The children also noticed that the colour of the water changed when it came in contact with the beads.  It was great fun watching the ‘magic beads’ jumping all over the table.

The second surprise was a popcorn machine.  Here we saw how hard and tiny the popcorn seed was.  Then we heard the whizzing of the motor and heard the popcorn bang on the side.  Our sense of smell came in use then as we could start smelling the popcorn cooking.  The children’s eyes almost popped out when they saw the first popcorn popping over the opening in the machine.  Some children soon realized that the popcorn or any seeds coming out of the machine were terribly HOT.  We let them cool a bit and then used our sense of Taste to eat the popcorn.  Within a few minutes only crumbs and empty seeds were left to show this experiment.

Look at the photos below for these two activities on Senses.



  1. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    Many thanks for the great opportunity you gave us to lend you a helping hand. The activity was very well organized and the both children and us parents enjoyed it a real lot. I really admire your firm but kind ways you’ve got with our children. You are not only teaching them wonderful things and giving them alot of general knowledge through fun but also giving them a sense of discipline and responsibility. Thank you and well done!

    • You are more than welcome. I strongly believe in parents’ potentials and am always eager for their assistance, support and most of all feedback – good or bad. One can only learn from feedback. My door is always open for parents to give their input, whether it is a suggestion, offer stuff to the classroom or offer aid. I’m already thinking of the next activity. Have a happy weekend.

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