Posted by: cyncas | October 23, 2009

Jnr 1C – Senses with a BANG!!!

The children in Jnr 1C finished this week’s topic _SENSES with a BANG!!!

We started the day with some ‘extra help’ in class.  4 mothers accepted a proposal to help out with a messy activity.

The children had a rotation of messy activities.  On one side we had feet printing – which felt slippery and icky; on another table there was hand printing – and the children could feel the tickle of the paintbrush on their hands.  Another table had a mixture of 2 paint colours to make pink and here the children painted the base for a face – and they could observe that this paint was a bit obstenate to be removed.  Last but not less fun, was gluing face features including hair.  Here the children touched the sticky texture of the glue and compared the different textures of items provided to make up the features.

It was great fun for all involved, especially the children who used their senses throughout the activities.

A big thank you for all the mothers who participated.  Without you it would not have been such a great success.

Scroll down to see these activities in action.   Link to the blog in the coming week to see the finished result of these activities put together.


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