Posted by: cyncas | October 23, 2009


Hi kids,

This week was a busy week for the Junior 1A.They worked very hard during this week’s theme.

We had different activities; one of them involved the children to prepare different puzzles in a race against time. The children showed a lot of enthusiasm and managed to finish the puzzles on time.

Another activity which the children showed a lot of interest in was the theme “The Senses” . The children were blind folded and were asked to use their senses.. Some had to taste… Yucky!!! Others had to touch and smell. Photos were taken to show the children’s different expression.

Well done kids… it was great fun!!!

On Friday, the children were asked to bring along to school their own favourite book for the “Show & Tell”. Everyone shared their ideas and their own interpretation. The children also exchanged books and showed a lot of interest in other stories.

Well done to all the children for a FANTASTIC week… Look up the photos …. Enjoy it and Have a nice weekend… 

Ms Marlene




  1. Thanks Ms Marlene for the photos you posted. Now I can realise why Mireille really enjoys herself so much at school! well done for the good work!

    Sharonne (Mireille’s Mum)

    • Thanks Mrs.Borg for your support regarding the blog. I know how much Mireille enjoys herself during the lessons and she really likes to participate.
      Many Thanks,
      Ms. Marlene.

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