Posted by: cyncas | October 20, 2009

Use the ‘house’ method when writing letters

A ‘trick’ that is working well in class when writing letters in their appropriate space is using the ‘house’.  You have all seen the red and blue lined copybooks, the children are using to study their ‘Spelling Game’ words.  It would be a good idea to use the method which is working wonders in class.

Mainly, the top space (between red line and blue line) is the roof, the middle space (between the 2 blue lines) is the house, and the bottom space (between the blue line and the red line) is the basement.

Therefore when helping children to write the words for their spelling game, ask them where does this letter go in the house?  Most small letters like to stay in the middle (in the house), big letters (the mummies) like to start at the roof (to look down at their children), then there are the small letters which are tall (like the ‘t’) and these start on the roof like mummy, and the small letters which are long (like the p) and they start in the middle but go down to the basement.  The only tall letter that starts in the middle (house) and goes up to the roof and down again is the letter ‘d’.

Try it out and let me have your feedback 🙂


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