Posted by: cyncas | October 16, 2009

Dictation or spelling game

Hello here is a brief explanation on how we tackle the dictation or spelling game (sounds more child friendly).

Today and every Friday, the children will write a few regular words and a tricky word on the sound book.  The first column would be done in class.  During the first few weeks, they might even attempt to do the second column in class.  The third they need to fill it up at home.

When ‘studying’ for dictation, the children are encouraged to look at the word in front of them, take a picture of it, close their eyes and recall the letters, they cover the word on the sound book and write the same word in the next column.  The sound book is to be kept at home to use for ‘studying’ until Thursday.

On Thursdays we will be doing the Spelling Game in class, where the children will be asked to write the words studied one by one.  The emphasy is on the spelling obviously and also on where to write the letters on the lines.  So it is important to keep that in mind while practicing.  The ‘dictation’ book will then be sent home for you to sign and return.  That way you will know how the children did during their class Spelling Game.

The words for this week are:

sit, sat, tap, ant, pin 


Happy studying…… 🙂


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