Posted by: cyncas | October 14, 2009

Reminders: Topic

Hello parents of all Junior 1 classes.

Some parents are asking about what Topics we are discussing in Junior 1, especially to prepare things for Show and Tell.  Previously on this Blog I had posted the Main Topic and also the sub topics.  As it has been a couple of weeks let me post them again with a short explanation.

In Junior 1 we work on a main topic for approx. 6 weeks.  This topic will be like an umbrella to certain sub topics.

Our first topic is GROWING.  We will explain the topic  Growing to the children with the help of the sub topics:  Week1 – Myself, Week2- My pets, Week3 – My body, Week 4-My body (focus on senses), Week5- My Family and finally Week6 – Growth of a plant.

I hope this explains our first topic.  For show and tell the children are encouraged to create something which links with these topics, or maybe they find something (for example on a walk) that goes with what was discussed in class.  We leave it to the children’s imagination. 

Please feel free to contribute to any of the above Topics, by interesting books or even if you are directly involved in a job that links with topics during the year – ex. growth of a plant – gardener.   We would be very pleased to have you in our classrooms where you can share your direct experience.  Look forward to your suggestions.


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