Posted by: cyncas | October 13, 2009

Well done Junior 1C

Well done children in Junior 1C.  This week you are really working to achieve results.  You are also gaining extra time everyday for free play – you deserve it after your hard work in the first part of the morning.  Let’s keep it up everyone.  Look forward to Friday’s Golden Time if this keeps up all week. 3 days to go….. 🙂



  1. I”M SO PROUD OF YOU SISTER- Keep up the good work- i shall post you some of the photos of my class. WIsh one day to work with you too- it will be a great experience! GOD BLESS YOUR TALENTS xxx LOVE YOU SO MUCH


  2. Hello,
    excellent blog.
    Daniela is looking forwards for pizza cooking tomorrow. She says that the dough is already looking fine!
    Thanks for the good work.

  3. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    Francesca was explaining to her grandma this evening that they are all working hard for next Friday’s golden time. She was telling her about a jar of popcorn that is almost full… you should see the look on her face, full of excitement and satisfaction! You are doing a great job. It is so nice to see Fran looking forward to coming to school!

    • Hi Francesca, you don’t know how satisfying that is… to know that all the efforts you put in are well received. Keep it up my dear and see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams xxx

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