Posted by: cyncas | October 13, 2009

Hello from Ms Cynthia A.

Hello dear children and parents,
Well done for the crafts you brought to school for Show and Tell!! They were wonderful…..we had a beautiful colourful butterfly, painted stones with letters, a huge hand-made poster of our body, a nice drawing showing nature (sun, grass, animals), an interesting book, maths shapes and counting paper, a friendly lion craft, honey (yummy), even two science projects: (rainbow experiment in a box and a wooden craft with 2 fans!!) and a musical hand-made instument! WOW! It was fun:)  I really enjoyed listening to you! I am sure that you all learnt from each other:)
Tippy (our class elephant puppet) read a funny Maltese action story to you today. Did you like it? You were all laughing and doing Tippy’s actions:) I am sure that Tippy will read another story to you….:) He loves you all 🙂
Children, I will see you tomorrow and make sure you have breakfast. Remember, we all need energy to learn and have fun together:) Love you all  xxxx wishing you lovely dreams,
Miss Cynthia A 🙂



  1. Hello Ms.Cynhia,
    Today me and Nadege did some number games and some story telling which Nadege read them for me, about the hen cooking some muffins and of the bunny and the carrot soup, it was fun.
    I LIKE THE STORIES. SEE YOU SOON 🙂 xx from Nadege
    Thanks alot,
    Dorianne Sammut

  2. Ms Cynthia I love you. It’s a lov ely classroom thaqnk you for letting me help you and for the lovely day everyday. Thank you for doing different things to mne. Thank you for everything. Gaia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    Thanks alot for keeping us updated on the Blog it very interesting and it was nice to see the photos of the kids during crafts & activities they all look very happy in class.

    Luke likes alot the show & tell session and he looks forward for it on Tuesday morning, also he mentions Tippy alot, reading the above i confirmed who Tippy is.

    Good luck for this scholastic year and thanks alot.


  4. Hi Ms Cynthia,
    I really enjoyed Show and Tell today especially preparing for it. I had fun collecting pebbles from the beach, washing them, painting them and waiting for them to dry before I could paint the caterpillar face & body as well as the letters at the back. See you at school xxx Sebastian F.

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