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Skills involved in handwriting

Handwriting is a complex skill. It consists of:
holding a pen or pencil correctly
good control of the pen or pencil
hand-eye co-ordination
left to right movement
seeing small differences between letters
being able to copy accurately
Letter formation

Always encourage children to form their letters correctly. Make sure they always start at the correct starting point of each letter and follow the correct direction.
Helpful hints on teaching handwriting

Handwriting involves good hand control

Teaching handwriting is concerned with helping children learn the most comfortable and efficient hand movements to produce writing that is legible and fluent.

Handwriting is learnt quicker and more easily if it is taught in a logical, organised way.
Furniture and seating

If children are sitting at desks or tables, check that they are sitting comfortably and that the desk or writing surface is at the correct height.

Sometimes a slightly sloping surface is easier for writing on.

Check that children are sitting up straight.

Make sure there is enough light to see what is being written.
Holding a pencil or pen
All children, especially left-handed children, will find a pencil or pen with a rounded point, rather a very sharp point, is best for writing.

Right-handed children

The most efficient way of holding a pencil or pen is when it is held lightly between thumb and forefinger. Hold it about 3 cm from the point, with the middle finger providing the support.

The paper should be placed to the right, tilted slightly to the left.

The left hand should be used to steady the paper.
Left-handed children

Encourage left-handed children to hold their pens or pencils far enough from the point to allow them to see their writing.

The method of holding the pencil or pen is similar to that for right-handed children.

Paper should be placed to the left and tilted slightly to the right.

Try to sit left-handed children on the left side of their partners so that they have plenty of room.
(Taken from Macmillan English Handwriting)


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