Posted by: cyncas | October 9, 2009

Hello from Ms Marlene – Junior 1A

Dear parents, I would like to welcome you to this Blog!! My name is Ms.Marlene Farrugia and I am the Class Teacher of the Junior 1 A! I’m sure you will find it very interesting with lots of activities to do. As you are aware, this week we have the Animal Awareness Day. I am sure that each and every one of you is excited to bring his/her pet along to school. We shall see different animals brought to school by other students next Friday 16th October during school hours. With regards to activities we shall prepare pictures of animals using paint, collage and colouring to decorate the classroom. Hope you will enjoy it.. Happy Weekend Ms Marlene Farrugia



  1. Thanks for your comment. I hope that Mireille had a good weekend and is looking forward for another busy week.
    Good night.
    Ms Marlene.

  2. Hi Ms Marlene

    I’m Mireille’s Mum,just to say thank you for everything you do with our kids. She really look forward to come to school every day.


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