Posted by: cyncas | October 7, 2009

Junior 1B – show and tell

Dear parents,
I was really pleased last Tuesday during Show and Tell! Children were so enthusiastic and they all listened to each other.  Just a small amendment: The Show and Tell will be held on Tuesday instead of Monday where children talk about the topic of the week. I will explain to the children about the object they need to bring to school. However, those children who would also like to show their friends either a craft or a drawing, they can still bring it to school on Tuesday. I am sure that this activity will be a wonderful experience to our children! They learn so much from each other and I get really exciting learning about my pupil’s interests!

Thank you

Ms Cynthia Aquilina



  1. Good Day Ms. Cynthia,

    Thank you for the above info. Just a short suggestion : Is it possible to have the topic listed on the blog for reference to us as parents?

    Thank you for your attention.

    (Neil’s mum)

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