Posted by: cyncas | October 3, 2009

Show and Tell

What is Show and Tell?  Most probably the children have already started talking about this.  In class we are encouraging children to do something related to the topic and bring it in to class to Show and Tell how they did it.  This could be a drawing, a creative activity (2D or 3D), something interesting they found which links with the present topic, something they learnt during the week and then reproduced it themselves….   We leave it to the child’s imagination and creativity.  Please help by helping out NOT by doing the activity for the children.  Also help in limiting the size of the object.  The children will each have a few minutes to Show and Tell.  Only one item per child per week will be allowed.

Please note the days for Show and Tell of the various classes.  

Junior 1A : every Friday

Junior 1B: every Tuesday

Junior 1C: every Monday



  1. Hi Ms Cynthia A, Sebastian was very excited about his ‘Circle Time’ today. He wanted to bring his real kitten along but I obviously explained that it would feel too scared. So he brought his kitten soft-toy instead. On the way to school we talked about things he wanted to mention like his kitten’s name, colour, favourite activities and how we take care of it. Keep it up!!:)

  2. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    Could you kindly specify what we should prepare for next Monday for Show and Tell? (growing or myself?). Fran was all excited yesterday about Show and Tell and wanted to do something but we did not know that it was today and told her to wait till you advise us. She’s really looking forward to it!

    • Hi for Show and Tell the children prepare something (drawing, crafts, picts) that has to do with the topic. During the week we talk about a lot of things that have to do with the topic (ex. this week we are talking about pets and animals, next week it would be the body). The children can pick on something we discuss in class and can produce something to that effect. So to answer your question, Francesca can do something related with Growing as well as Me on different weeks. Growing is the main topic, Me is one of the subtopics.

      • Thanks and keep up the good work.

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