Posted by: cyncas | September 30, 2009

Reading in Junior 1

Some parents might be frightened about this and say but my child is just grasping the letter sounds.  And rightly so.  In Junior 1 we consolidate the letter sounds and start blending them together.  This is the first step to reading.  The children will start recognizing words which they are exposed to in the classroom, mainly words made up with the letter sounds of the week.

With this in mind there are a few steps that children need to take to embark on ‘READING’, the way adults understand it.  Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight especially at this early stage.  For now please limit approximately 10 to 15 minutes of reading everyday.  Start by choosing a short story with little text.  If you can find books which include words given for dictation, the better.  These words will be listed down on the ‘Dictation’ slot.

Start by reading the book yourself to your child, pointing to each word as you read.  Read slowly, don’t run, or slang words.  After a couple of days encourage the child to participate more in the reading, by asking them if they recognize a word, they can ‘knock’.  Here the child can knock on the table where you are reading or on the book itself if reading in bed.  Once the child knocks, you stop and let the child read that word and then you continue reading until the child knocks again.

This will start as a game but soon the children will get enthusiastic about it and want to read more words.  Try it out and post your comments.

Happy reading 🙂



  1. Great idea Ms Cynthia. Whether our kids love & enjoy reading or not really depends on our attitude when we are reading or listening to them read – let’s make it an enjoyable experience for our kids! Support them with the hard bits and encourage them to try reading the simpler words until they gain the confidence to try reading even some of the more difficult ones!

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