Posted by: cyncas | September 27, 2009


In Junior 1 we work on topics – approx. 6 weeks per topic.

We will start off with the main topic : Growing.  We will learn things about Growing with the help of 6 sub topics which are: This is ME, My Pets, My Body, My Family and Plant life.

We will link this Topic to the other subjects.  Please submit any ideas you might have for trips, interesting activities, any lovely books……. 

I will look forward to receive your posts.



  1. hi I am mum of Emily Gatt. Firstly I would like to tell you that Emily is very happy to be in your class. She looks forward to go to school every day.I have an outing suggestion that i thought you would find interesting. It is the government farm known as ‘ L Ghamiri’. They have various animals like pony, monkeys, ducks etc. They are plants and trees, some swings and a place were the children can eat. I called them and they said that they cater for children. they said that if you advise them they even give out a yogourt for each child. if you are interested you can either call Joel Zammit or Lawrence Attard on 25904000 or e mail Thanks Claire

    • Thanks, already passed suggestion to Mr Brian, who is in charge of trips.. Will keep it in mind for our lot when we tackle animals…

  2. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    First day of school was great and you left a very good impression on Francesca. Well done! She was very willing to come to school today and looks very excited about the scholastic year ahead.

    This blog idea is really fantastic.

  3. Great idea Ms Cynthia! Very useful information to have. Keep it up!

    • Thank you Ms Rosienne, Pls send me an invite to your link as that is the only way (so far) to place you in my contacts. tks Cynthia

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