Posted by: cyncas | September 27, 2009


Here is an explanation of how the Junior 1s will do their dictation. Every Friday, the children will be given a few words to study.

It is important that you practice the words at home everyday.

Use the ‘Look’, ‘take a picture’, ‘sound’, then ‘write’ method.

First, ask the child to look at the words one at a time.  Look at them for a few minutes, then ask the child to ‘take a picture’ and close his/her eyes.  Now, the child needs to sound out the word in front of him/her.  The next step is for the child to write down the word using the sounds s/he just sounded out.

Check with word flashcard.

The children will use the same procedure in class everyday.

Then on a Thursday, they will be having the ‘spelling game’ or dictation.


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